1. Depending on date of production, rentals or usage may be limited and required to share the stage/facility with ongoing productions/exhibits. In this situation, no set pieces, artwork, or equipment may be moved or altered in any way.
    2. If Theater Use Application is approved, Town staff will open the doors for your event at the start time for which you reserved the building. Any lighting, sound, or stage set-up will be done only after you arrive. Times designated on the application form must include all time needed for load-in, set-up, strike and load-out. Extra time will be charge at twice the hourly rate per half hour.
  2. STAGE
    1. Scenery Ground Plans must be provided to Program Coordinator (4) weeks prior to load in (will not be returned) for approval. Additional materials may be required.
    2. Stage may not be painted without prior approval.
    3. Nailing and/or drilling into the stage floor are not permitted. In order to attach scenery, platforms etc. to the deck, Lessee may only use tech screws with prior approval by Program Coordinator.
    4. Lessee may not alter, remove or attach anything to the Theatre or Lobby walls at any time.
    5. All scenic elements must be designed to break down so that they can be removed after each performance unless previously arranged with Program Coordinator. Movie screen must have ability to be used after each performance.
    6. All scenery, hardware, materials, tape, and tools must be provided by unless previously arranged with Program Coordinator.
    1. Lighting Plot and Sound requirements must be provided to Program Coordinator (4) weeks prior to load-in for approval. Additional materials may be required. House lighting plot and surplus inventory are available, contact Program Coordinator for access at 925-314-3418.
    2. House lighting plot is permanent and may not be altered unless previously arranged with Program Coordinator. It may be supplemented based on availability of circuits and equipment.
    3. All Village Theatre lighting and sound equipment will be operated, hung, and focused by Village Theatre staff, unless previously arranged with Program Coordinator.
    4. In order for your production to run smoothly, a pre-production meeting with the Program Coordinator must be scheduled at least four (4) weeks prior to load-in. This meeting is only up to one hour. (For events that require more time or additional meetings, additional charges may apply). Please contact Program Coordinator 925-314-3418 to schedule the meeting.
    1. Permission from the Program Coordinator is required prior to your event if your organization would like to videotape, photograph or audiotape your performance.
    1. Costs incurred in repairing or replacing damaged, lost or stolen equipment, and costs incurred in repairing facilities (not due to normal wear and tear), will be paid by the organization or its representatives using the facility during which time said equipment or facilities were damaged, lost or stolen.
    2. Run-of-show storage space will be provided only by special arrangement with the Program Coordinator. The Town of Danville or the Village Theatre assumes no responsibility for property or material left at facility prior to, during, or after contracted rental period. An additional fee may be charged for materials not removed from Theatre premises after scheduled performance and/or rehearsal times, or not stored by previous arrangement.
    3. In the event that Lessee leaves equipment, such as sets, costumes, lighting equipment, etc., or fails to sufficiently clean up after rental period, Lessee will be charged an additional clean-up and/or storage fee.
    4. No smoking or eating is permitted in the theatre at any time. Also smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of any door or air intake unit outside of the building.
    1. Gallery may be used at no charge for basic theatrical lobby usage including patron congregation, ticket distribution, before and post-show meet and greets.
    2. Gallery usage where there are refreshments involved including but not limited to beer, wine, soda, and/or food other than bottled water, or prepackaged cookies or candy, will require a rental of the gallery in conjunction with the theatre rental.
    3. Beer, wine and champagne are permitted if served with food. ***NO HARD LIQUOR*** Sale or service of beer, wine or champagne only allowed with procurement of ABC license.
    4. As per Contra Costa Health Codes, serving or selling of non-prepackaged food items is prohibited during events that are open to the public without valid catering license. One-day permits are available for application through Contra Costa Health Department. Guidelines are available upon request.
    5. Decorations, food, or beverage that would endanger the works of art on display in the gallery is forbidden. Restrictions on red wines or dark juices at Town staffs' discretion and may be disallowed at time of rental or event; open-flame candles are not allowed.
    6. All tables must be at least 24" from free-standing art and gallery walls. Town staff reserves the right to alter the table arrangement at any time. Artwork is to be moved by staff members only and only with prior written permission from the Visual Art coordinator . An art handling fee may be charged for changes in exhibition layout.



Deposit due at time of booking. Deposit is NOT applied toward room rental fees, but is fully refundable pending damage or overtime. Please allow 4-6 weeks for return of rental deposit made by check. Deposits made by credit card will be credited back in 2-3 weeks.
Reservations are confirmed only after deposit has been made.
Balance and Proof of Liability Insurance is due no less than 90 days prior to rental. Your event is not added to the calendar until these are received.
For questions regarding your reservation or production details, please call the Performing Arts Program Coordinator at (925) 314-3418.

Credit Card Payments may be made over the phone by calling (925) 314-3400

Please make all checks payable to: Town of Danville

Mail Check for Fees and Rental Agreement Number to:

DANVILLE, CA 94526-1740