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Theatre Performance Workshop
Instructor: Jeff Seaberg

Since 2003, the Town of Danville has offered an after-school program for youth ages 7 to 14 who aspire to be on stage. Theatre Performance Workshop?s creator, script writer, and instructor, Jeff Seaberg, creates a program based on the idea that children ought to be introduced to the entire process of play production. Working from original scripts, the young participants in the program enjoy the complete theatre experience from auditions through rehearsals and technical rehearsals, culminating in a one-weekend run on the stage.

KAOS Camp: Kids Acting On Stage (Summer Camp)
Instructor: Jeff Seaberg

This is a two-week Summer Drama Camp Program that meets Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. Campers audition, are casted, rehearse and then perform a play. They also shoot a "mini-movie".  Instructors are experienced actors and summer camp workers, assuring a rich, rewarding and FUN experience. Campers learn the process of staging a show as well as a few "on-camera" skills. The camp includes a single performance where the play and "mini-movie" are showcased.